Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Site -

I have been working on a new site and will be moving my blog to there... Feel free to access anytime:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watchlist July 7th 2011






RDN - like above 50ma after some consolidation

ADK - maybe a bit more consolidation... previously thin trader with nice vol recently.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stocks to Watch 07/06/2011





PCYC - waiting for short confirmation.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Congrats to those with stinky fingers!!

Congratulations to everyone who picked their bottoms last week!  The SPX held and bounced beautifully of the 200MA spurring a 5 day bull run with almost all days being triple digits days for the DOW.  I put my IRA to work on the second day so my fingers were a bit dirty.  I didn't get to chance to put much to work trading and missed out of the biggest rally this year in that aspect. 

SPX: Rule # 1 - Double Tap!!

McClellan Oscillator showing overbought conditions > 50.  I'd like to see the market rest here before blasting off to new highs for the year...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Don't Fight the Trend!

Don't fight the trend:

Attempting to go against the trend will usually get you no where and you will most likely incur loss of time, money and effort.  I have been watching some of these stocks below to initiate short positions but they have yet to break down.  I was lucky enough to close out my short position in JVA today just before it started to squeeze.  I attempted a short position in ONTY when it breached the low of the morning at 9.10 but it only bounced back and I stopped out.  To short stocks like these, you just have to sit on your hands and watch them constantly until they are ready to break down and confirm a change in trend by making a lower low and a lower high.  The reversals in these stocks are so quick and if you are not watching closely, you will miss out on the perfect short.

Still trending higher (for now):


Possible short term reversals in trend:




In the meantime, Lesson to me: don't fight the trend, trade the trend until it stops or wait for the perfect short opportunity to present itself!  Trade what you see, not what you think.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trade Ideas Tuesday June 28, 2011

Trying to start posting again as I have been busy with the day job...  Here are some possible movers from my scans for Tuesday:

SQNM - Sitting  on some support and could get a bounce as the Bios have been strong recently.  Would need to break above the 50 and 20 again to gather more strength.

KKD - broke out of resistance on recent strength and still holding strong.  Break of yesterday's highs could take this fucker higher.  Volume showing good accumulation recently.

AIG - Possible bottom play although it could just be a bear flag.  Cracked above the 20ma and has a few higher lows.  RSI might be about to cross into positive territory after almost 6 months.  On watch of any signs of life in this turd.

TNAV - Nice accumulation recently and still a strong mover. Has a good .70 in it to its recent highs and could break out above 18.  Worth keeping an eye one.

RENN - China social ding-a-ling networking stock that has taken an anal pounding with a side of shrimp fried rice might be ready for a bounce.  Had a crazy strong 12% day on Monday and closed at the highs on higher than avg volume, not to mention the 25% short float.  Definitely worth keeping on the watch for any bounce towards 8 beans.  This could squeeze hard!

Remember... If the turds don't move... Flush'em!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Setups and Plays for Valentine's Week

CRM - Reports earnings on Feb 24.  I think the stock should probably break out here into earnings and I will probably play the Feb 145 Calls and/or March 150 Calls.  If we hit near or above the 52's will take most off the table and hold a few into earnings (Feb calls) or convert it into a spread (sell the feb 150's or 155's).

AKAM - Gonna keep on watch to see if we get a technical bounce here from the sell off after earnings.

LONG SETUPS - Below are a few that look ready to break out:

SIMG - held support last week. Looking for retest of 9.5

MPAA - Nice consolidation here within wedge. looks good over 15.

XXIA - Looking strong, Long over 19

CLFC - Bounce off 50MA and closed above 20MA. Looks good above 7.70

OPK - nice bounce off morning sell off on friday and closed at 52 highs on good vol... should see higher from here!

POL - Made new 52 week highs. Keep an eye on it for continuation.

KNL - Nice flag formed after having broken out, could keep going here.

EMAN - Holding up well here at highs within tight flag consolidation.  Watching for further upside.

NCT - tight consolidation here. break of 7.10 takes it to 7.90 then boooooom!!!

MDR - High and tight flag... could break higher next week. definitely worth the watch above 22.66

1 Short setup... Lmao...

AVNR - Short Setup.  This looks ready to crack lower.